We are making progress vote by vote seat by seat bill by bill and law by law

We’re a united group of diverse people working for you!

519 E I-30, #702 Rockwall, TX 75087

You may write to the RCDP Chair, or mail us your donation check anytime.

Rockwall County and Our Party Leadership

Our County Chair is Susie Stansel she facilitates the business of a county party. This includes filing and maintaining necessary paperwork prescribed by Texas Election Code.

Why Choose Democrats?

Texas Democrats believe the need for a well-functioning government that acts based on facts and evidence to preserve the life, health, and well-being of every person has never been more clear than now. The interdependence of every Texan on the actions of every other Texan challenges us to give of ourselves so that none of us fall. Together, we will overhaul the social contract and establish a new economic engine that allows all residents to thrive.

Rise and Run

Democrats are dedicated to electing amazing candidates in every race and every place in Rockwall County.