Dallas Morning News Sounding Off: Open Carry

The Dallas Morning News Rockwall Rowlett section has some interesting reader input on open carry gun legislation. Two of our members have write-ups : click here

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The Rise of “ungentle” Ted Cruz

So… Ted Cruz is now the first official Republican candidate for the presidency. He decided to bypass the familiar “exploratory committee” and declare his candidacy in front of a captive audience of students at Liberty (symbolic name, you think??) University in Lynchburg, Virginia. So much for the tradition of announcing from the state you represent. The truth, I suspect, is that representing Texas in the US Senate is only a stepping-stone for Cruz. He may or may not love Texas and Texans, but I fear …

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Pre-Kindergarten bills in the legislature

This was printed in the “Sounding Off” section of the Dallas Morning News on Feb.13. The question was “What do you think of pre-K in general, and of State Rep. Dan Huberty’s (R-Houston) bill?”

House Bill 4, filed by state Rep. Huberty, is a good bill, as it increases funding for half-day pre-K programs in Texas. A competing bill, House Bill 1100, filed by state Rep. Johnson, however, would fund full-day pre-K, and is in my opinion a better bill. Both bills require adherence to state …

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What do you want on your Tombstone?


Chances are, it will not be “gay,” or, for that matter, “straight.” You feel, like most people, that a single word does not describe who you are – the complex emotions and thought processes that make you fully you, a unique individual. A single word could not possibly describe your life, its achievements and its struggles.


Prejudice is an ugly thing. We have come a long way towards eliminating the expression of prejudice through the legal system. Women vote; so do minorities. They were not “granted” …

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Blue Ribbon Lobby Day 2015

Blue Ribbon Lobby is Tuesday, April 14, 2015.

Blue Ribbon Lobby Day is different from most other advocacy days because it’s organized for, by,and in support of Texas women. Blue Ribbon Lobby Day is the official Democratic Women’s lobby day in Texas. It is such a good opportunity to lobby your legislator, and meet other great women from around the state. This year they are assessing a $25.00 fee to all attendees to cover administrative costs of hosting the event. Please make sure to go through the entire …

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Rockwall Herald Banner – re:Immigration from Sydney Vail 2/20

“We are a nation of immigrants.” We always have been. No people should know this better than Texans. Some people living in Texas today haven’t taken a Texas History class, otherwise they might know that there were “GTT” signs left in the old Union by some of our early pioneers which meant: “Gone to Texas.” Like America itself, it has been a place for second chances, a place for starting over.

Many new arrivals in future Texas were …

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