Dallas Morning News Sounding Off: West Disaster & Regulations

Interesting – all the readers supported more regulations on businesses storing ammonium nitrate – click the link on Regulations on Ammonium Nitrate

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Sounding Off: Sen. Ted Cruz’s candidacy for president

A number of Rockwall Democrats gave their opinion in the Dallas Morning News 4/10 – Sounding Off: Sen. Ted Cruz’s candidacy for president

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On Israel

As political parties gear up to elect their candidates to the presidency, support for Israel, that old chestnut, is once again dusted off. This year, nuclear negotiations with Iran have caused the rhetoric to ramp up.

I lived in Israel for a total of eight years, many of my friends live there, and I visit every few years. I generally choose not to write on Israel because there is a lot of suspicion floating around people who hold passports from two different countries. I do not …

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