Seeing The Bible Through Different Lenses

If we live in the same community, should we attempt to understand each other?  In my experience, in Rockwall County a large number of Christians believe that the Bible is to be taken literally.  However, other Christians look at the Bible through the lenses of interpretation which ask, “Who wrote the text?  Why was it written?  What was happening when the text was written?” They also consider the literary form.  “Is the text a narrative story, a book of laws, or a book of songs …

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DMN Sounding Off: on Affordable Care Act

Marie Ann Schiffman and Carole Dodd join the Sounding Off this week in the Dallas Morning News. Interestingly – out of 18 responses, 13 said to keep it, 4 said to get rid of it, and 1 was ambivalent.  I was surprised… DMN Sounding Off:Affordable Care Act

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