In the 1980s I lived in Boston, raising two (mostly) adorable and (always) rambunctious children. My favorite sweatshirt had a picture of train carriages and said “I am running away to join the circus”.

The roster of Republicans running for the presidency has been called a clown car, although some are seasoned politicians and serious candidates – much as we may disagree with their views.

Donald Trump, though, dominates the polls, as he loves to remind us, and his ascendancy is taking on a sinister tone. Can …

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Letters to Ratcliffe on Iran Nuclear Deal

Letters to Ratcliffe on Iran Nuclear Deal

Judith Matherne, County Chair

Congressman John Ratcliffe
6531 Horizon Road,   Suite A
Rockwall, TX 75032


We the undersigned believe that world leaders are united with Iran to give peace a chance and that war is not the answer to stopping Iran from getting a nuclear bomb.

We are aware of the negotiations that have gone into the Iran Nuclear Deal. The agreement with Iran is supported by almost every nation in the world. It has taken two years of negotiation, led by America. Equal partners include Russia, China, the governments …

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Silly Season


We have entered silly season again, when candidates, hounded by voters, the press, and their own egos, occasionally shower us with pearls of questionable wisdom. Thanks to Mr. Trump, this cycle promises a bumper crop….

Donald Trump’s blunders occasionally make us cringe, but the reaction to some of his pronouncements is indicative of the mood of his target audience. For instance, when he was asked whether some of what he says might be misogynistic, he quipped that he was referring to Rosie O’Donnell. Peals of laughter …

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The Donald’s Siren Call

Donald Trump is riding high in the polls. While we enjoy his many gaffes and self-aggrandizing pronouncements, many of us are aghast, and at a loss to explain how a candidate can attract so much interest without giving any particulars about what he would do if he did accede to the highest office in the country.

Pundits have been saying that the Donald’s popularity is due to his refreshing candor. “He says exactly what he thinks without applying the filter of political correctness” is the general …

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