Happy Thanksgiving to all.

I am sitting in a hotel near Washington, DC, listening to some Republican candidates howling on TV about Syrian refugees, terrorism, all lives mattering and all the tropes in their vast repertoire….

Two days ago, I was walking around Terminal D at DFW airport. The terminal was practically empty, and a disaffected waiter hailed me, advertising his lunch menu. I needed to eat, so I took a table. I am white. A few minutes later, a black lady came to the restaurant, holding her boarding pass. The waiter’s …

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Terror in France

There will be a time to analyze the news from France, talk about the rise of xenophobia and the extreme right, about culture shock and assimilation. There will be a time to assess where the US stands in its own death fight with terrorism. It is safe to say, though, that tonight all of America mourns with the French.

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