In which most Texans prove smarter than their elected representatives…. (gun edition)

George W. Bush, Rick Perry and Ted Cruz made it their business to give Texas a bad name on the national stage. The current crop of Texas legislators is on track to outdo them.

The vast majority of gun owners are law abiding citizens and generally sensible sorts. Yet, although the federal government never advocated a takeover of Texas, Governor Abbott wanted the Texas State Guard to monitor Jade Helm 15, the series of military exercises conducted in Texas last summer. Similarly, as a result of …

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President Obama’s press conference – Feb. 2016

For those who missed today’s presidential press conference, here is a quick recap.

As the president said, unemployment, deficits, and gas prices are down; jobs, wages, and the number of people covered by health insurance are up.

The unemployment rate is now at 4.9%, which is less than half what it was at the height of the recession. The economy added over 140,000 new jobs. This caps 71 months of continuous job growth. 12.7 million people either signed up or renewed their health insurance, and wages are …

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