Kevin Brady, subtle humorist….

Am I the only one to detect a playful sense of irony in the words of Kevin Brady, R-Texas, Chairman of the US House Ways and Means Committee? On the day that the House decided to summarily do away with our online privacy, he pontificated in the wake of a vote where House Republicans blocked an attempt by Democrats to get a look at Trump’s tax returns.

Here is the direct quote: ” Civil liberties and privacy are still rights worth protecting, and I intend to …

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Trump’s genius

For the past week I have had this maddening tune stuck in my head:

“They’re Pinky and the Brain,

One is a genius, the other’s insane”. Repeat ad infinitum….


Those of you who were kids or had young kids at home in the ‘90s may remember the Spielberg-produced animated show. It has its own Wikipedia page, where I found this not inaccurate description of our current presidential predicament:

“ Brain is self-centered and scheming; Pinky is good-natured but feebleminded. In each episode, Brain devises a new plan to take …

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