A few takeaways from the longest federal shutdown in US history.

Contrary to what Trump seemed to think when he proudly decided to shut down several branches of the federal government, federal workers are not all card-carrying Democrats. They do not all live and work in Washington, DC. They do not all eat crumpets at their desk from 9 to 5 every day. Many live paycheck to paycheck and are affected by the shutdown in hideous ways. Some face eviction because they cannot pay their rent or mortgage. Some have to skip medications. Some accumulate credit …

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Sometimes they do answer…..

And when they do, it won’t hurt to take it one step further. I initially signed a petition to Senators Cruz and Cornyn, as well as to Congressman Ratcliffe, asking them to work towards re-opening the parts of the federal government affected by the shutdown.

Senator Cornyn’s office sent a reply which was more than the usual brush-off. The language used, however, rubbed me the wrong way because it was typically glossing over the salient points that: (1) real people are affected by the shutdown, …

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Trump’s Wall and the federal agency shutdown.

  Trump, in order to
be elected, made promises that maybe even he knew would be impossible to keep.
Front and center was the promise to build a Big, Beautiful Wall (that Mexico
would pay for!) in order to hold back what he described as hordes of violent criminal
migrants and drug cartels eager to rush our southern border.

  If you consider
statistical evidence, though, you see that

illegal immigration is due to visa overstays. Most
drugs enter the country through ports of entry, in ships and cars.Criminality
is lower in …

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