Crawling from under rocks.

A swastika was painted on a door that my son must go through
to get to his work at a DC hotel. He is the only Israeli, and the only Jew to
work there. There is no doubt that the swastika was put there so he would see
it, or that it was put there by a co-worker, as hotel guests have no access to
that area. Hotel management offered apologies, painted over the symbol of hate
and opened an investigation. They are not at fault here.

I am disgusted and …

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Mr. Toad’s wild interview – or why AG Barr keeps me awake at night.

Pete Williams’ interview with AG Barr on NBC stopped me in
my tracks. The man is dangerous because he is totally amoral, has no qualms
about violating the balance of powers established in the Constitution, and is
quite persuasive as long as you don’t look too hard. I am quoting verbatim some
of what he said to so upset me. We should remember that, hanging over the
interview, is the central irony that Barr is questioning whether there was
sufficient predication for the FBI to launch an investigation into the Trump
campaign …

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