Immigration Letters to the Editor – Lesa Walker

A great response from Lesa Walker on the current Immigration Wars…

Lesa’s Comments:

What a wall will not solve

Over the last few days of news I have read about several horrific shootings and murders. The perpetrators of these crimes had last names such as Nelson, Nichols, Flanagan and Tarwater. Not to racially profile, but these hardly sound like members of the Chinese or Mexican immigrant communities we have in our country.

Then, there was the enlightening article about prep-school rape charges, with boys challenging one another to see …

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Letters to Ratcliffe on Iran Nuclear Deal

Letters to Ratcliffe on Iran Nuclear Deal

Judith Matherne, County Chair

Congressman John Ratcliffe
6531 Horizon Road,   Suite A
Rockwall, TX 75032


We the undersigned believe that world leaders are united with Iran to give peace a chance and that war is not the answer to stopping Iran from getting a nuclear bomb.

We are aware of the negotiations that have gone into the Iran Nuclear Deal. The agreement with Iran is supported by almost every nation in the world. It has taken two years of negotiation, led by America. Equal partners include Russia, China, the governments …

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DMN Sounding Off: on Affordable Care Act

Marie Ann Schiffman and Carole Dodd join the Sounding Off this week in the Dallas Morning News. Interestingly – out of 18 responses, 13 said to keep it, 4 said to get rid of it, and 1 was ambivalent.  I was surprised… DMN Sounding Off:Affordable Care Act

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Dallas News Sunday Edition 6/14 Letters on McKinney Incident

Jim Barber letter on McKinney Incident – Accountability is Simple

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Dallas Morning News Sounding Off:TCEQ violates Clean Air Act?

John Kiser and Carole Dodd speak about whether  Texas Commission on Environmental Quality violated federal Clean Air Act


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Dallas Morning News Sounding Off: Jade Helm 15

A look at local residents’ thoughts on the Jade Helm 15 Exercise by the US Military. click here

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