Trump derangement syndrome or love of country?

This is the text of a letter to the editor of the Rockwall Herald Banner. I hope I don’t need to have permission to post as I am the original author.

I wonder if I am suffering from Trump derangement syndrome – described as irrational, virulent hatred of our president. I walked in the Women’s March hoping it might send a message that Americans would not tolerate misogyny, racism and xenophobia. Surely, with the help of a competent cabinet, Mr. Trump would moderate his views and …

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Another excerpt from Bill Clinton and James Patterson’s thriller “The President is Missing”.

Alright alright alright…. I am not being lazy here, I really think this text captures the thinking of progressives beautifully and describes our current predicament much better than I could. It is taken from the end of the book (pp 504-508, with cut text), but does not reveal the plot, so you are safe to read it if you are in the middle of the book or planning to buy it. I must stress that the rest of the book is a thriller, not a …

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Supreme Court Nomination

Hello all,

here is the text of an email I sent yesterday to our 2 Texas senators, Cruz and Cornyn, as well as to Democratic senators Schumer (NY), Donnelly (IN), Heitkamp (ND), Manchin (WVA) and Republican senators Collins (ME) and Murkowski (AK). The 3 Democratic senators (not Schumer, who heads the Senate) are wobbly because they are endangered in red states in the midterms, and the 2 Republican senators might vote against any nominee who is likely to overthrow Roe v. Wade. Currently it is very …

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borrowed from “The President is Missing”, Bill Clinton and James Patterson.

I picked up this book as summer reading after seeing the authors on a late night program. It is a page turner, where action trumps (he he he) politics. This excerpt, though, seems to be a primal scream from Bill Clinton. I think it applies to TV and social media much more than to the written press, but it pretty much sums up our current predicament. If you pick up the hard cover, you will find this excerpt on pages 59-60. I have cut some …

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Humanity does not stop at the border.

The Trump administration has gone beyond deplorable – it is cruel, despicable, abominable, inhuman. The party of family values seems to value only those families that look just like theirs – mostly pale-skinned and outwardly pious – but Christians only, mind you. They would not want any more Muslims and Jews than we already have in our population, or indeed any other religion.

I surely hope that at least some Trump voters are regretting their votes and will join the rest of humanity in rejecting Trump …

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A middle-class, middle-aged matron’s adventures in protesting – Chapter One.

Rockwall County Friends of the NRA was holding an event in Heath, including a raffle, live auction etc… A few friends and I were protesting on the sidewalk outside the parking lot of the venue. We were waving signs at passing cars, not looking for confrontation. We refused to leave the sidewalk when told it was private property – nobody called the police, so I suppose the sidewalk was, as we thought, public.


A man came to ask us why we were protesting and, well, things …

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