Humanity does not stop at the border.

The Trump administration has gone beyond deplorable – it is cruel, despicable, abominable, inhuman. The party of family values seems to value only those families that look just like theirs – mostly pale-skinned and outwardly pious – but Christians only, mind you. They would not want any more Muslims and Jews than we already have in our population, or indeed any other religion.

I surely hope that at least some Trump voters are regretting their votes and will join the rest of humanity in rejecting Trump …

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A middle-class, middle-aged matron’s adventures in protesting – Chapter One.

Rockwall County Friends of the NRA was holding an event in Heath, including a raffle, live auction etc… A few friends and I were protesting on the sidewalk outside the parking lot of the venue. We were waving signs at passing cars, not looking for confrontation. We refused to leave the sidewalk when told it was private property – nobody called the police, so I suppose the sidewalk was, as we thought, public.


A man came to ask us why we were protesting and, well, things …

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Words, words, words……

I sent this to the Rockwall Herald Banner. They did not print it, so I am free to use it here. My father’s studies were interrupted by WWII. His house was partially demolished by a V-2 bomb. He started at the lowest rung of city governance and got to the top through hard work. Most of our civil servants, although they are as free as anyone to have their private opinions, are scrupulously non-partisan in their work. They form the backbone of the state and …

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Look back in anger

I must admit, things have seemed pretty bleak since last November and the election of Bully Supreme. Why, then, did I burst out laughing when I heard some of the provisions of the new “Cut, cut, cut” tax bill? It is so extreme, so heartless that crying would be a more appropriate response. Well… it just reminded me of when I was much younger, learning English not just in school but through pop music and film. Do any of you remember the lyrics to this …

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Gun rights

The horror of the Vegas shootings shocked the nation, and, predictably, was followed by “thoughts and prayers” and “this is not the time or place” when the question arose whether some measures might prevent future massacres.


The NRA wields outsize influence at every level of the body politic. We have all heard the slogans, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”, and “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”. It may be true in some …

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On Health Care.

Howdy, y’all.

the following was rejected by the Dallas Morning News and the Rockwall Herald Tribune. My purpose in writing it was to try and persuade Republican readers that we are looking at facts rather than ideology. I wanted them to retrace my steps in researching health care and to, hopefully, reach the same conclusion.



The health care debate has fallen prey to perverse political calculations. I am aware that statistics can be interpreted – and spun – so as to fit ideology. I therefore went in …

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