Gun safety reform.

  I was living in
Jerusalem at the time of the First Gulf War. I learned to put gas masks on my
kids, just in case the Scud missiles coming from Saddam Hussein’s Iraq were
tipped with chemical loads. When my parents, frantic with worry, called from
Europe, I tried to explain that, while it was true that we were not safe
anywhere in Israel, we were statistically at low risk of dying in a rocket

  We are at that same
point now in the US, and particularly in Texas. We …

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Mueller time come and gone.

It is now crystal clear that nobody is going to rescue us.
Mueller was not the savior some were hoping for, and, paradoxically, it is a
good thing. Had his testimony been less dry, Republicans would have found extra
ammunition there to describe the Special Counsel investigation as a witch hunt
led by prosecutors in the pocket of the Democratic Party. They repeatedly
questioned the impartiality of Mueller’s team by citing their political
contributions. That, in itself, is problematic because it posits that civic
engagement is an impediment to fairness. Text messages …

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BREAD AND CIRCUS – but mostly circus.

I am still processing the two nights of Democratic
presidential debates. Trump is already regaining his usual prominent place in my
thoughts with fresh assaults on anything decent in the world. Still, there are
a few things I want to remember about the debates, especially because I
disagreed with some of the analysis.

There is relatively little daylight between our candidates,
and many have pledged to support whoever the eventual nominee is. The ways to
stand out from the pack are few: you can spectacularly defy expectations or
attack a frontrunner.

long time ago …

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Stonewall Democrats.

Rockwall is about to have a chapter of Stonewall Democrats. We should be accredited in a few days. This is a post I wrote for the Rockwall Herald-Banner, published June 21.

The word “pride” is a thorny one. Pride is one of the 7
deadly sins, yet we take pride in our work, in our children, in being an
American. When we are made aware that June is Pride month, what do we hear? Are
members of the LGBT+ community affirming that they are better than “straight”
men and women?

Context …

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Ignorantia juris

“If I thought there was something wrong, I’d go maybe to the

In their analysis of Trump’s June 12th interview
with George Stephanopoulos, broadcasters, in my opinion, focused on the less
interesting words uttered by the sitting president of the United States. Yes,
he said he would accept information offered by a foreign country, friendly or
not, about a political opponent if he thought that information would help him
win a race. We knew that already. He encouraged Russia to look for Hillary’s
emails, …

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Obviously the
Mueller probe did not bring about the conclusion we were expecting – proof of a
conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, followed by obstruction of
justice. Some of my friends may already have burned their “Mueller Time” T-shirts,
but I have a feeling we have not heard the last word yet.

Months ago Rachel
Maddow wondered aloud whether Trump was an idiot or a crook. My argument is
that he was both, sequentially. The Mueller report – as far as we know now,
since it has not been released to …

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