Diversity in the US

Here is the text of a letter to the editor of the Dallas Morning News that I hoped they would print before election day, but was rejected.

From “No Irish Need Apply” to the internment of Japanese families during WWII, history taught us that joining the American melting pot takes time. Never before, though, has resistance to demographic change been so vile and venomous, and never before has it so clearly had its source in the occupant of the White House.


Mr. Trump started his campaign for the presidency by calling Mexican immigrants rapists and drug dealers. He questioned the right to peaceful protest of black athletes drawing attention to police brutality. The “caravan” of Honduran families fleeing violence and poverty in their home country became an opportunity to enhance the hysteria by claiming that George Soros (the shadowy internationalist Jew of 1930s Nazi propaganda) was financing it and hiding Middle Easterners amid the women and children.


Birthright citizenship? A pox on your 14th Amendment! Mr. Trump would override the Constitution in his zeal to create a stratified society with white men at the apex.


To me, the United States is like a coral reef. Its beauty lies in its diversity. Mr. Trump, like an oil slick, threatens to turn our democracy from America the Beautiful to America the Bleached.


Marie-Anne wrote this post. Her views usually are similar to those of other Democrats, but they are her own, and the Rockwall County Democratic Party is not responsible for any errors in this post.

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