Gun Sense Voters

On Valentine’s Day this year, the Liberal Ladies of the Rockwall County Democratic Party hosted a special event for the romantically inclined. This festive event was very well attended this year with spouses and significant others invited. The food was great, decorations were impressive and good fellowship all around.

We were also pleased to have as our guest speaker a representative from the Gun Sense Voter project of Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action. This is a non-partisan, grass roots movement of moms, mayors, gun owners, veterans, law enforcement officers, faith leaders, survivors, and more. They are working to support local, state, and federal candidates who will fight for common sense laws to reduce gun violence. She spoke passionately on the need for background checks on all gun purchases and the importance of keeping guns away from children in the home.

For more, see the facebook link as follows:

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