Humanity does not stop at the border.

The Trump administration has gone beyond deplorable – it is cruel, despicable, abominable, inhuman. The party of family values seems to value only those families that look just like theirs – mostly pale-skinned and outwardly pious – but Christians only, mind you. They would not want any more Muslims and Jews than we already have in our population, or indeed any other religion.

I surely hope that at least some Trump voters are regretting their votes and will join the rest of humanity in rejecting Trump and Sessions’ policies. I hope some Republican politicians who are not leaving Congress will speak out. Images from the border are hard to stomach: young kids are separated from their parents, locked up in detention centers – some of them under artificial light, with windows blacked out, for as many as 22 hours a day. Some have to sleep on the floor under thin silver thermal blankets. In some cases, there will be adult supervisors and scheduled activities. That does not in any way, shape or form make up for being separated from their parents, presumably without any knowledge of their whereabouts or immigration status, not knowing how, when or even if they will be reunited.

A recent op/ed in the Dallas Morning News made the point that such centers existed under President Obama also. While it is undeniable, the reason for that situation was a sudden influx of family immigration from politically unstable countries where there was an uptick in violence and poverty was rampant. What is going on now is the result of Trump and Sessions getting far ahead of their skis and crafting a policy without thinking of direct consequences – and we should remember that, as long as we – rightly so – are focused on the border crisis, we are not following the various unraveling plots around the president: possible collusion, obstruction of justice, profiting from the office of the presidency among others.

Trump thrives on chaos, no matter how many people are affected by his policies. And reality has never fazed him, no matter how bleak it may be for others, as long as he has a session with Hannity and a cheeseburger before bed. Instead of re-evaluating his approach to the developing crisis at the border, he doubles down. Session has now restricted the conditions under which a migrant can apply for refugee status. Family or gang violence is no longer considered a valid reason for requesting asylum. “Ladies, you are on your own if your husband beats you or if violent drug gangs want to abduct your kids and use them as mules or prostitutes. Just don’t bring your problems to American soil. We don’t care.” – that seems to be the message. Trump and his enablers want to “Make America Great Again” – but just for a limited number of folks, you know, not those “huddled masses yearning to be free” – that was just a sales pitch for when we needed cheap labor.

To make things even worse, DACA is under attack again. We are talking about young people who were brought here by their parents when they were too young to make their own decisions about immigration. Many have never known the country of origin of their parents. They are, for all practical purposes, Americans. This administration now proposes refusing them the right to an education and a work permit. Where does the cruelty stop? How much longer will Trump et al.  turn upside down the lives and hopes of people who have committed no crime, but were simply born somewhere else. How many families will be affected when immigrant parents are separated from their American-born kids? And why do we need to make the argument that those policies have negative consequences for the American economy? Since when are moral arguments no longer enough? Sessions claims that we should not be responsible for all of humanity’s problems. How about not creating more?


Marie-Anne wrote this post, and is solely responsible for content. She is ranting because Trump is affecting her sleep, and chocolate is no longer enough to take away the bitter taste his policies leave in her mouth.



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