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A great response from Lesa Walker on the current Immigration Wars…

Lesa’s Comments:

What a wall will not solve

Over the last few days of news I have read about several horrific shootings and murders. The perpetrators of these crimes had last names such as Nelson, Nichols, Flanagan and Tarwater. Not to racially profile, but these hardly sound like members of the Chinese or Mexican immigrant communities we have in our country.

Then, there was the enlightening article about prep-school rape charges, with boys challenging one another to see how many underage girls they can exploit. There again, not likely to be from our illegal immigrant community.

Flip to the sports page and read about the problems in the SEC with young men who think that their prowess on the field entitles them to commit acts of domestic violence and date rape. Not illegal, not immigrants.

Somehow I do not think that a wall is going to solve our rape and crime problem.

Lesa Walker, Rockwall

Original Letter: America’s Long History of Loathing Immigrants Letter

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