Letter from Rockwall County Democratic Chair

Dear Rockwall County Democrats,

This is my first letter to our local Democrats since accepting the role of Rockwall County Democratic Chair in the meeting of July 8, 2020, which became official on August 3, 2020. I have been in our county for 14 years. Now, I am honored and humbled to be leading our great Rockwall County Democratic Party. My husband, David, and our three children love Royse City and the great county of Rockwall. We are proudly raising our children here, and we are all part of the greater Rockwall County Democrats, and we are excited about our collective future. Again, I am honored and humbled to be leading our great local Democratic Party. Rockwall County Democrats have a strong legacy that your local party administration plan to build on in the years to come.

I must begin by acknowledging Judith Matherne for her leadership in Rockwall County over the past seven years. Under Judith’s guidance, we built a solid foundation that will benefit Rockwall Democrats for years. It is impossible to recognize Judith’s many contributions during her time here fully. I believe that I speak for all of us when I say we are grateful for her service.

To describe 2020 as a changing year is an understatement. Nine  months after the COVID-19 broke out of Wuhan, China, it has created a unique economic and social interruption. Many of our Rockwall County neighbors have lost their jobs and families have seen their life savings disappear. Some of us are skeptically seeing our current government dealing with the complexity of this global crisis, and have seen a reference for its vulnerabilities.

I feel that COVID-19 is making leaders, values, institutions, and ideas that guide our society to be tested. That is why we need to invest in our local Democratic Party. We need to continue expanding into the Rockwall County community to grow our numbers and develop new relationships while maintaining our stable community share in Rockwall County.

Your Rockwall County Democrats continue to focus on financial planning as the one centerpieces of our growing community. We are expanding our committees to include more planning experts to provide support to current and future Democrats. We want to invest in our democratic neighbors. As our Rockwall County Democratic Party Executive Director Susie Stansel mentioned in our executive meeting, we represent our Democratic community’s voice. We will continue to build our community and hope to add more members to be seated at the table of our local politics.

Your Rockwall County Democrats will continue to look for ways to invest in our community and our neighbors to develop resources that will provide a sustainable, long term political representation to our Rockwall County community. I am excited about the opportunity the Rockwall County Democratic Party has entrusted to me. Our local party has great people, serves excellent communities, and has a great story to share with our local leaders.

I look forward to working with all of you in the years to come.

Thank you for your support,

Ericka Ledferd

Rockwall County Democratic Chair


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