Letters to Ratcliffe on Iran Nuclear Deal

Letters to Ratcliffe on Iran Nuclear Deal

Judith Matherne, County Chair


Congressman John Ratcliffe
6531 Horizon Road,   Suite A
Rockwall, TX 75032


We the undersigned believe that world leaders are united with Iran to give peace a chance and that war is not the answer to stopping Iran from getting a nuclear bomb.

We are aware of the negotiations that have gone into the Iran Nuclear Deal. The agreement with Iran is supported by almost every nation in the world. It has taken two years of negotiation, led by America. Equal partners include Russia, China, the governments of Britain, France and Germany, and the European Union. Each partner had to agree on every term as the deal progressed. Without this step by step agreement there would have been no deal.

Those responsible for the security of the United States, and many of their retirees are in support.

Nuclear scientists and policy experts are in full support. Military Generals have spoken in support.

When the U.S. persuaded most of the world to impose sanctions on Iran by curtailing their trade and financing with Iran it enabled an effective path to a diplomatic solution.  Once this solution is taken away diplomacy and the sanctions cannot hold.  Our allies would again resume oil trade, investments and banking with Iran.

We are baffled by the fact that no Republican senator and two Democratic Senators do not support the agreement. Republicans want to kill this deal and negotiate a “better deal” with tougher terms. However, our European partners have already told us that it is this current option or nothing. Why would they even consider entering into a deal with the US Congress if they say no to the current deal? Their lack of trust would prevent them from negotiations. And Congress can’t go it alone with Iran.

We are concerned about what is likely to occur should Congress refuse to support the current deal.
The U.S. looses credibility and our standing as a world leader.
Our allies desert us.
Sanctions break down.
We engage in another war.

It is reported that should the Iran Nuclear Deal be rejected, current U.S. military plans call for weeks of airstrikes in which thousands of Iranians die. Iran will retaliate. Elite Iranian forces attack U.S. and Israeli targets around the world. Iranian militias and the Revolutionary Guard strike U.S. forces in the region. Iran closes the Strait of Hormuz, through which one-fifth of the world’s oil flows.

This war would not stop an Iranian bomb; it would certainly accelerate it.  The deal in hand would STOP an Iranian bomb and prevent a potential war.

This is a chance for you, Congressman Ratcliffe to participate in a historic opportunity to create a more peaceful world. We urge to support the Iran nuclear deal.IMG_1019


Peter Hancon, Precinct Chair

Dear Congressman Ratcliffe:

While the majority of, if not the entire, Republican membership of the U.S. Congress will vote against the nuclear treaty with Iran, I urge you to show the courage of Republican Senator Edmund Ross and vote to support the treaty.  If this treaty is not approved, it is highly likely that Iran will resume its march towards a nuclear weapon and have one within months.

The opponents of the treaty, including the TV ads of the Jewish lobby and even Senator Shumer, talk of a “better deal”.  There is no such thing as a better deal.  Seven countries, the P5+1 and Iran, have spent two years negotiating the treaty.  Anyone who thinks these seven countries will re-negotiate is living in Never-Never Land.

Our European allies, not to mention Russia and China, are just waiting for the IAEA to say that Iran has met the conditions to begin lifting the U.N. Security Council sanctions.  Great Britain recently re-opened its embassy in Tehran and included a Shell Oil company executive in the delegation that attended the ceremony.  In addition to our partners at the negotiations, practically every major country in the world has accepted the treaty and the lifting of sanctions as a done deal, and that includes our allies in the Gulf.

The one country that does not accept the treaty is Israel.  While Israel is an ally and is worthy of US support, it is worth noting that Israel has its own agenda, as the recent parole of Jonathan Pollard and the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty illustrate.  Prime Minister Netanyahu has his own reasons for speaking out against the treaty, reasons that are not necessarily in the interests of the United States.

On the positive side, Iran has cooperated with the IAEA since the imposition of the Security Council sanctions beginning in 2014, and the IAEA was able to catch and correct violations.  There is no reason to believe that the IAEA will not be able to hold Iran to its obligations under the treaty.  The scientific community has overwhelmingly supported the treaty and the IAEA.  The re-imposition of sanctions by the U.N. Security Council is veto proof, and the treaty has a strong snap-back provision for the sanctions.

Therefore, Congressman, I urge you to show the courage of Edmund Ross and align yourself on the right side of history.  Perhaps you could also bring a few of your colleagues along with you.


Peter Hancon

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1 Comment on "Letters to Ratcliffe on Iran Nuclear Deal"

  • Judith Matherne says

    Peter Hancon lays out the reasons our Congress needs to support the Nuclear Deal with Iran. It is total absurdity not to.

    Alas, absurdity is what we have in our Republican led Congress. We were told this morning by an aide to Congressman Ratcliffe that he would not support the deal!

    Not surprising. Disappointing. But not surprising.