The Rise of “ungentle” Ted Cruz

So… Ted Cruz is now the first official Republican candidate for the presidency. He decided to bypass the familiar “exploratory committee” and declare his candidacy in front of a captive audience of students at Liberty (symbolic name, you think??) University in Lynchburg, Virginia. So much for the tradition of announcing from the state you represent. The truth, I suspect, is that representing Texas in the US Senate is only a stepping-stone for Cruz. He may or may not love Texas and Texans, but I fear he loves Ted Cruz most of all.

His performance at Liberty University was flawless. He convincingly presented himself as the candidate for the religious far right. My problem with that is that his is a Christianity without Christ. How else to explain his refusal to raise the minimum wage for people working hard to make ends meet? How about his support for Citizens United, the Supreme Court decision that allows unlimited money to flow into political campaigns from corporations whose interests rarely align with Everyman’s? How about his stance on immigration, or his push to shut down the federal government over Obamacare? That particular temper tantrum of his cost the nation $24 Billion. And for what? For the opportunity to grandstand for his Obama-hating base and to record his opposition to a law that has provided medical coverage to 16.4M people who had been previously uninsured. Let us quote from Matthew, 25:40 – the part of the New Testament our most ungentle Ted Cruz seems to conveniently forget: “Inasmuch as ye have done it to one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it to me.”

We can resist the rise of the ungentle Christian. It’s called voting. I recommend it.


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  • Steve Jacobs says

    I think you are spot on. His candidacy poses uncomfortable questions that Christian supporters need to answer in their own hearts.