Senator Cruz at the nomination hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

I had to stop watching Ted Cruz pontificating on the checks and balances in our Constitution and the roles of the 3 branches of government. What he leaves out of the equation is that “the people” he claims to represent are now ready to pass judgment on the Trump presidency, and Cruz himself fears that long-expected blue wave will finally materialize.When he talks about equal branches of government, he conveniently forgets that the one branch that can claim to truly represent the people is the House, now in Democratic hands.

The president is elected through the Electoral College, and over the past few elections there has been a discrepancy between the popular vote and the votes of the Electoral College – which is why we never saw a President Gore or a president Hillary Clinton. Additionally, when the Constitution was written, the desire to protect smaller, newer, less populous states led to the decision that every state would have 2 Senators. One of the consequences of that 18th century decision is that the state of Wyoming has 2 Senators, but not enough population to elect more than one Representative. All votes do count, but not to the same degree. Millions more Californians or Texans elect 2 Senators than voters in Wyoming do.

Finally, since all the pontification is taking place during the confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, Cruz’s description of the impartiality needed of a Justice completely ignores the current reality. Thomas and Alito just loudly proclaimed their opposition to marriage equality in politico-religious terms. Cruz also ignores the fact that, although Judge Barrett did serve as a law professor at Notre Dame, she owes her position on the Court of Appeals to Trump, who elevated her barely 3 years ago, and who now is ready to see her as a Supreme Court Justice. Do not tell me that Trump was blown away by her credentials. He is only moved by self-preservation and crass political calculations designed to keep him in power.

I am hopping mad. Let us win this election, and, while we are at it, let us finally recognize that the District of Columbia deserves to be fully represented in Congress, as does Puerto Rico.


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