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here is the text of an email I sent yesterday to our 2 Texas senators, Cruz and Cornyn, as well as to Democratic senators Schumer (NY), Donnelly (IN), Heitkamp (ND), Manchin (WVA) and Republican senators Collins (ME) and Murkowski (AK). The 3 Democratic senators (not Schumer, who heads the Senate) are wobbly because they are endangered in red states in the midterms, and the 2 Republican senators might vote against any nominee who is likely to overthrow Roe v. Wade. Currently it is very difficult to get through to the Senate over the phone, and if you cannot get through, I would recommend you send emails.

Here it is:

Dear Senator,


My name is Marie-Anne Schiffmann. I live in Rockwall, TX.

I am respectfully asking you to do two things in the interest of the American people. Would you please


  • introduce in the Senate a motion to censure the president after his disgraceful performance in Helsinki. If the definition of “treason” is “providing aid and comfort to the enemy”, then Mr. Trump’s embrace of Vladimir Putin rises to the level of treason. Despite being repeatedly warned by our intelligence agencies that Russia has perpetrated an attack on our democracy and continues to meddle in our elections, Mr. Trump sided with Russia over his own agencies. His “clarification” on Tuesday that he had misspoken – or, rather, that we all had misheard – is ridiculous. The whole drift of his speech went counter to what he now professes.
  • Delay Senate hearings on the new Supreme Court of the United States vacancy until the Mueller probe reaches its conclusion and its findings are made available. There are manifold reasons to do so:
  1. Delaying hearings on a Supreme Court nominee now has precedent. Senator McConnell refused to hold hearings on President Obama’s nominee, Judge Merrick Garland, for months, claiming that he needed to hear the voice of the people through the elections. We are looking at elections in 4 months, and midterms are commonly seen as a referendum on the president. Need I remind you that this president “won” only thanks to the antiquated institution of the electoral college.
  2. Trump may have picked this particular candidate because of his published opinions that a sitting president should be protected from criminal investigations, and because of his expansive view of presidential privilege, possibly to include self-pardon. Judge Kavanaugh also wrote an opinion that a president can refuse to enforce laws he considers unconstitutional, even though the courts disagree.
  3. Given the president’s penchant for private meetings and secrecy, he may very well have sounded Judge Kavanaugh on the opinions cited above.
  4. Given the fraught political climate, it is practically certain that the Supreme Court will have to rule over a whole host of issues that affect large segments of the population. At stake are access to health care (including reproductive rights), the rights of minorities such as the LGBTQ community, environmental and financial protections, and voting rights to name a few.


I do realize the political pressures you may be under, but I hope you will follow your conscience and do the right thing for the American people who elected you, including those whose view of our president may have changed since January 20, 2017.



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