To those of you who think “All politicians are the same” or “My vote doesn’t matter”.

Some among you may think that “politicians are all the same”, or “my vote doesn’t matter”. I would urge you to look at possible consequences of a Republican takeover of several (all?) branches of government in 2016.

  • Social Security: Republicans would like to raise the age of retirement, abolish or privatize Social Security
  • Medicare: Republicans have been talking about a voucher system. You might be out of luck if you reach the cap on your voucher…. On Medicare and Social Security, see the 2014 Texas Republican party platform.
  • The Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) might be abolished. It has been helping millions of previously uninsured people, including those with pre-existing conditions, and will actually save money because of a drop in emergency room visits
  • Voting Rights might be rolled back, with minorities, the poor and the elderly being disproportionately affected
  • The Minimum Wage will remain stagnant, further shrinking the middle class and forcing families into poverty
  • Immigration Reform: Who are we kidding?
  • There is more – Education, Environment, Foreign Relations…..
  • And one last thought: the Supreme Court has recently ruled on issues that impact millions of Americans. Four Justices are currently over the age of 75, including 2 liberals. Can we run the risk of another Scalia or Thomas making decisions that affect our lives?

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