Vote by mail.

  Texas AG Paxton claims his suit to prevent the expansion of vote-by-mail is spurred by a desire to combat voter fraud.

  Lengthy, costly investigations of individual voter fraud have all reached the conclusion that it is extremely rare, even in states where elections are conducted mostly by mail.

  If the Republican Party really wants free and fair elections, in Texas and elsewhere, several things can be done.

  After the census results come in, have a bipartisan commission draw the new district lines to prevent gerrymandering.

  Work with Democrats to make Election Day a holiday, or at least move it to a weekend.

  Stop closing voting locations in minority districts.

  Restore the possibility to vote “straight-ticket” in November, as long ballots will create lines in urban areas and discourage voters.

  Expand vote-by-mail to protect the health of voters and poll workers. Precautions will be taken, but the possibility of interacting with an asymptomatic voter or poll worker will keep many voters at home.

  Voter suppression is voter fraud. Elections should be a contest of ideas, not an exercise in power consolidation by whatever party is in the majority.

Usual disclaimer: Marie-Anne wrote this post. It was printed in the Dallas Morning News, except for the last paragraph, which they edited out – their right to do so, no complaints here.

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